About Hutchinson Bus Line

Hutchinson Bus Line, Inc. began transporting students in the Hutchinson Public School district in the fall of 2013-14 school year when the Linder family decided to retire from their long tenure as the bus contractor for Hutchinson.  Lyle Hicks, the owner of Hutchinson Bus Line, started his bus career in the mid-1970’s, with his family company, Hicks Bus Line, Inc. which has provided safe student transportation for the neighboring Litchfield Public School district for the past 70 years, since 1948.  In addition to owning and operating Hicks Bus Line in Litchfield, Lyle was an owner of Vision Transportation, which operated school buses in several mid-Minnesota cities.  Vision Transportation of Hutchinson, Inc. became Hutchinson Bus Line, Inc. when Lyle Hicks took over sole ownership of the company in 2016.

The Hicks Family has a long tradition of providing safe and efficient student transportation, and of being generous citizens and stewards of the communities that they serve.  Hutchinson Bus Line is fortunate to have an outstanding group of talented, experienced and highly-trained school bus drivers, top-of-the-line mechanics and technicians, excellent and knowledgeable trainers, and the exceptional management team Paul Meyer and Shelley Landfair.  Hundreds of years of experience working together to provide the students and families of the District 423 with safe, timely and cost-effective transportation to and from school and events.  Our extremely low driver turnover provides for an exceptionally high level of safety and service.

Hutchinson Bus Line operates late-model state-of-the-art school buses equipped with two-way radios and multi-camera video systems.  Safety and security are vital to performing our job of transporting the most precious of cargos, the children of our community.  It is indeed an honor and privilege to be able to serve the families and students of the Hutchinson Public School district.  Thank you for the opportunity.